Dorien Goertzen


Aniëlle Webster


Elise Schaap

Maarten Heijmans

Teun Luijkx

Anneke Blok

Michiel Romeyn

Jan-Paul Buijs

Maike Meijer



Big shot lawyer Gijs, who makes big money for his law firm from lucrative toxic divorces, is well on his way to become a partner. His credo: All is fair in love and war. But his idealistic co-worker Cato takes a very different perspective. Love is a verb, and when love fades, it is a lawyer’s job to make sure people separate peacefully from their failed relationships. When it turns out that Cato is also in the race for the coveted position of partner in the company, they are both forced to re-examine their beliefs on love, marriage and growing their careers. A feel-good film about how to manage modern-day life and relationships between men and women and on how to believe in love when divorce is your line of work.


All credits 
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