Writer & Director

Clara van Gool



Dancers/ actors

Jozef Varga
Kim-Jomi FIscher
Akur Bahl
Joseph Millson
Mehdi Walerski
Nadia Yanowsky
Jordi Cortés Molina
Sarah Reynolds Dane
Jeremy Hurst

Docudrama based on Joris Luyendijk's Banking Blog in The Guardian about the financial heart of London. We follow ten different characters through the financial world in London, whose monologues are embodied through dance. The characters create a chain reaction  similar to the competitive, glamorous exhaustive, uncertain and stressful financial world, in which every day could be your last.  


Festivals & awards
Prix de Signes/Signs Award Signes de Nuit Paris
Grand Prize Short Film Competition Festival Signes de Nuit Berlin
Prix de Signes/Signs Award Signes de Nuit Paris


Poster, stills & photos

All credits 
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