Writer & Director

Bobbie Koek


Estelle Nduwimana

Gijs Blom

Anita Ntakarutimana

Loeka Luijcks

When African girl Tamu (16) and her mother Sarah (43) arrive in the small Dutch town Roelofarendsveen after a long journey, she has mixed feelings about this place. The little house behind the supermarket which they can call their new home fills her with disappointment. Although her mother seems to accept their new situation, Tamu has a hard time fitting in. She soon goes to her new school, but with the (much younger) children from her class she doesn't get along at all. Also with her mother, who obediently participates in the integration process, she feels misunderstood and alone. But then she meets Shona, a cheeky 16 year old girl with a big mouth and cool friends.


All credits 
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