Writer & director

Clara van Gool 

Choreography & cast

Jordi Cortés
Damián Muñoz



Coup de Grace is a dance film about the demise of a friendship. Jordi Cortes Molina plays a proud aristocrat who has been hurt in the past. His childhood friend, Damian Muñoz, is his fanciful opposite. After a long time, take the two men meet again in a massive building. During an evening and a night they have an exhaustive duel without any weapons.
Coup de Grâce is a cinematic adaptation of the presentation of Ölelés from Molina and Muñoz, based on the novel Glow by Sandor Marai (1942). It is a tale of revenge that despite the passage of time never passes.


Poster, stills & photos

All credits 
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